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Moving to a foreign country can be very exciting experience. However, there is no doubt you will have many questions about your new city. One of the very first thing you have to do is to get in touch with a licensed real estate agent who eill help you determine the best housing options to accommodate your needs.

If you’re planning to relocate to Poland our brokers can take care of every aspect of the relocation process, providing a full range of destination services such as orientation, home search, school search and more.

Home search

This is our key service and we know we are the best real estate agents in Warsaw. No matter if you look for house or apartment, downtown or suburb area we are able to find you true home in Warsaw.

Temporary accommodation

We have fully furnished short term rentals to give you more time to find your perfect home.

Furniture Rent

If you relocate without your furniture or you need extra furniture we will help.

Umbrella Package

You Live, We care!


Look & see trip will help you to understand the city and choose the best neighbourhood for your needs.

Relocation Services

We look forward to guiding you trough your international relocation experience

Look & See

The purpose of the look- and-see trip is to acquaint you and your family with the Warsaw and Poland environment and local living conditions and to gather an insight into your future place of residence. The typical trip is generally up to 5 days and it is usually advised to schedule it one or two months in advance of the time for the permanent move. The trip would generally consist of the following agenda, however we believe that ONE SIZE NEVER FITS ALL which is why we give special attention to tailoring our services to meet your individual needs.

  • General over view of Warsaw
  • Schooling overviews
  • Property overwiews
  • Daily lifestyle

We will present to you at least 4 or 6 homes in order to understand the living options available as well as visiting the various neighbourhoods and their living environment

School search
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School Search

Finding the best schools for the children may be one of your greater concerns. We can give you informations about the most suitable and appropriate schools depending on the nationality and age of the children. In addition, we can help set-up appointments with the schools and accompany you and your family to any meetings.

Look & learn
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Rented apartments

Rented Houses

Temporary accomodation

We can help in finding temporary accommodation either in a hotel or a furnished apartment with all facilities you need during your first days in Warsaw, while we are looking for your permanent accommodation.

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Furniture rent

Are you an employer or perhaps a relocation agent and are you responsible for assisting expats with their overseas move to Warsaw? Or are you yourself moving to Warsaw where you will need furniture temporarily? In these cases HomeOne Furniture Rental is what you need!

Particularly expats are familiar with the concept of renting furniture. Furniture rental is the perfect solution for temporary furniture for shorter or longer periods of time. The RE-PLACE furniture rental service is also perfect for the period of time in which your own furniture have not arrive yet. Instead of staying at an impersonal and maybe even expensive hotel, you can now enjoy your stay at you own place.

Did you know that renting furniture is often less expensive than a stay at a hotel or buying new furniture? Even for a longer period of time, furniture rental costs less than moving your furniture overseas. Because we want to make everyone feel at home, HomeOne offers furniture in a number of different and beautiful styles. Simply choose the style that suits your needs and wishes! If you have any special preferences concerning furniture rental, just let us now.

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Umbrella Package

We will assist you to solve everyday problems such as finding English speaking paramedical and medical professionals, veterinarians etc. If a technical problem occurs concerning your home, we can also find you plumbers, electricians, handymen or whomever might make you smile again !

TV and Internet installation

finding handyman


neighbourhod familiarization

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Prepare the application file and submit it to the proper government administrative office.
Diligently follow-up throughout the entire application process with the Office of Immigration.
Prepare the application file and follow-up throughout temporary and permit residance adress.
Registration of imported vehicles.

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